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Screen for Colon Cancer in the Privacy of Your Home

Cologuard is a noninvasive, effective and affordable at-home colon cancer screening test that requires no prep.

We’re the only noninvasive screening test that looks for both abnormal DNA and blood in your stool. 

45 Is the New 50

The American Cancer Society recommends that you begin screening for colon cancer at age 451 – no matter your race, ethnicity, or gender.

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Cologuard detects
92% of colon cancers.2

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Request a Cologuard test kit online or through your provider.

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Most Pay $03

Cologuard is covered for people who are at average risk for colon cancer by Medicare and most other major insurers.

How to Get Cologuard

Getting Cologuard prescribed is easy when you can request it right from your home. Our discussion guide will help you talk to your health care provider, or you can request it directly through a telehealth provider.