screen again with cologuard®

Your Next Colon Cancer Screening

You can screen again for colon cancer 3 years after a negative Cologuard result.1 We’re here to help. Simply answer a few questions about your health and discuss your answers with your healthcare or telehealth provider to determine if Cologuard is still right for you. 

The Cologuard collection kit box

Same Screening,

Still on Your Terms

Nothing has changed on our end. We still deliver Cologuard right to your door with the same easy-to-use collection and return process as 3 years ago. If you’re 45+ and at average risk for colon cancer, complete it in privacy from your home and get your results within 2 weeks.

Early Detection
Is the Best Detection

When caught in early stages, colorectal cancer is treatable in about 90% of people.2*

Cologuard finds 92% of all colon cancers.3

Cologuard is the first and only noninvasive test that looks for both abnormal DNA and blood in stool.

*Based on 5-year survival rate

Most pay $04 

Screening again with Cologuard is covered for people who are at average risk for colon cancer by Medicare and most other major insurers. 

Commonly Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Requesting Cologuard Is Simple

If you’re 45+, there are two easy ways that you can request Cologuard. Simply request it online or talk with your healthcare provider and we’ll deliver it right to your door.  

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Take Control of Your Health

Our resources will help you get started again with ease. Click below for a refresher on how to use and return your Cologuard test kit, and where to access your results.