No Prep, No Time Off, No Reason Not To

Cologuard is for adults 45+ at average risk. It’s a non-invasive, effective, and affordable prescription-based at-home colon cancer screening test that looks for both abnormal DNA and blood in your stool.

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Cologuard detects 92% of colon cancers,

even in early stages.1

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Timing is Everything

The American Cancer Society
recommends you begin screening for
colon cancer at age 45.2

Is Cologuard For You?

Every race, gender, and ethnicity are at risk for colon cancer.

Every Reason to Take Action

Cologuard and its signature box hold benefits that can’t be matched.

Zero Down Time

With telehealth, no in-person appointment is needed. Request and complete your test kit at home, on your own schedule.

No Special Preparation

Keep your diet and medications exactly
as they are.

Delivered Right to Your Door

After your kit is prescribed we’ll ship
right to you.

Screen Every 3 Years3

Unlike other noninvasive options that encourage you to screen every year, the American Cancer Society recommends you screen again for colon cancer three years after a negative Cologuard result.

Over 94% of people pay $04

Cologuard is covered by Medicare and most other major insurers.

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The Cologuard® Difference

Take a look at the science behind what makes Cologuard so powerful at finding colon cancer.

Cell Gathering

Every day your colon sheds cells as your stool passes.

DNA Analysis

Cologuard examines the DNA of those collected cells.

Detecting Cancerous Signs

If abnormal DNA or blood is detected, this may indicate precancer or cancer.

When it comes to noninvasive colon cancer screening kits, Cologuard stands out for its ease of use and proven effectiveness.

Watch How Cologuard Is Different for Yourself

We test for both blood and DNA in your stool, detect more precancers,1 and find more colon cancer.1
Cologuard has the only 24/7 customer care center to support you the entire way.

How It Works

Request a Cologuard test kit online or through your provider.

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Get it delivered right to your door with step-by-step directions.

The Cologuard collection kit box

Pack it up, send it off and get your Cologuard results, fast.

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Ready to Get Started?

Take the first step to getting your Cologuard prescription today. Simply request it right from your healthcare or telehealth provider.