Real Cologuard® Story: Lynn

Meet Lynn

Colon Cancer Survivor,

Screened with the Cologuard® test

“I can give back with so much reward. I’m proud of my journey…because I’m a colon cancer survivor.”

For Lynn, that reward isn’t just about sharing her story with the many people she meets as a small business owner. And it’s not just about dropping meals off to people going through chemotherapy. The real satisfaction? Knowing her story has the power to help someone who might need to hear it and knowing she can support others – because she has been there.

The way Lynn sees it, her journey began in her late 50s when she left the big city and a career in fashion behind to open her own store. It was a lifelong dream for Lynn, who was happy to trade in life in a bustling city for a smaller town closer to family.

There was, however, one person she missed seeing regularly in the city – and that was her trusted healthcare provider of more than 20 years. Even during her years of busy work travel, the two built a strong relationship. So strong that Lynn was willing to drive hours to see her when she realized six years had quickly passed since her last visit.

“During my check-up, she asked if I ever got screened for colon cancer,” Lynn said.

“I was 60 at this point. And when I was flying all over the place for work just a few years before, screening for colon cancer wasn’t on my mind.”

Knowing Lynn was at average risk and interested in a noninvasive option, her provider told her about the Cologuard test – to which Lynn quickly replied “That’s a plan.” Having heard about the Cologuard test before, she agreed it was a test she would complete.

“It’s in the privacy of my own home and I have control of it,” she said.

She didn’t let busy days leading up to the holidays and running her store stop her from collecting her sample and returning the kit the same day she received it.

“I only live a few blocks away from my store,” she said. “I ran home, collected my sample, and dropped it off for UPS® that afternoon.”

It was only 10 days later she received the call from her provider from out of state – the Cologuard result was positive, and Lynn quickly scheduled a colonoscopy closer to home. When the colonoscopy revealed a tumor that would require surgery and a colon resection, Lynn was shocked.

“As my husband and I left, we said to each other, ‘We just entered a whole new chapter.’”

Lynn wasn’t willing to put what she loved on hold while she waited to learn about her next steps. Right after meeting with her surgeon, she hopped in the car with her husband to enjoy the holidays away with family before kicking off the new year in Spain with friends.

“This was my journey, and I was going to own it,” she said.

She kept that attitude every step of the way – when she had surgery to remove 14 inches of her colon, when she was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer, and when she sat in the infusion room alone at the start of a global pandemic to receive her first of 12 chemotherapy treatments.

Rather than worrying about juggling her small business, treatment and navigating COVID-19, Lynn threw her energy into treatment. And her community rallied around her from a safe distance – delivering fresh flowers and meals right to her doorstep after every treatment. That support from others pushed her forward on the tough days and she was thrilled to pay that kindness forward when she completed her final round of chemotherapy.

Lynn, a patient who screened with Cologuard, standing behind a counter with a vase of flowers placed on the counter top

“Cancer changes things in so many ways,” she explained. “Everything else became so minor to me, and I tried to focus on being positive. And I feel very grateful.”

Grateful to have had support during treatment. Grateful to have had screening options. And grateful for opportunities to help people just like her – because nobody should have to go it alone.

This story reflects one individual’s experience. Not every person will have the same treatment, experience, outcome, or result. Cologuard is prescribed by your health care provider. Talk to your health care provider about available screening options and whether Cologuard may be right for you. There are potential risks associated with the Cologuard test and it may not be appropriate for all patients. For more information about the risks, talk to your health care provider or visit for more information.